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Star Studded Green Hat


Among the stars of the post-90s generation, they really can’t count when it comes to dressing up, but when it comes to fighting, Li Qin is really not on the list. Since his debut, Li Qin has given people the impression that he is a sweet representative of a beautiful girl. However, Li Qin’s opera has not been filmed less in recent years, and its popularity still does not increase. It really makes people worry, ah, but with the growth of age, Li Qin of the post-90s has slowly begun to change his style.

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Recently, Li Qin also appeared at the airport, although the red carpet show these days lively also did not see Li Qin’s figure, but at the airport, this post-90s floret really played a 100% strength, with the continuous drop in temperature, many actresses have begun to dress up warm coats, but post-90s Li Qin has put on short clothes, really young and wayward ah.

In my impression, Li Qin’s dressing style has always been dominated by aging and leisure, but this year, Li Qin does not know if he has changed his stylist, his style has changed greatly, and he has shown his figure, and the new style collocation is so beautiful that he can hardly recognize it. This time, it is the warm summer season, but he wears a fashionable sense of vision, which is simply bright in front of people’s eyes.

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On that day, Li Qin wore casual clothes and felt that he had put on the feeling of summer. The milky yellow coat was matched with black tights, and the overall shape was very versatile. Indeed, it looks a little warm in this season. The color is very deep, stepping on dark and light green flat shoes, although there is no blessing of high heels, Li Qin still shows a perfect figure proportion, and the fashion effect is also good.

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Today’s Li Qinzhen is hold can live in fashion and intellectual female dress, but also can control the sweet aging style of young girls, wearing a playful ponytail, a blue jumpsuit and sneakers, a pair of 18-year-old girl looks so beautiful that there is no sense of disobedience, I have to say, the feeling of being a young girl really has nothing to do with age, it is too sweet.

Of course, this airport show is also very aging, but this summer wearing navel shirts to show long legs and this green hat is too eye-catching.


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