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Star Studded Green Hat


Among the stars of the post-90s generation, they really can’t count when it comes to dressing up, but when it comes to fighting, Li Qin is really not on the list. Since his debut, Li Qin has given people the impression that he is a sweet representative of a beautiful girl. However, Li Qin’s opera has not been filmed less in recent years, and its popularity still does not increase. I...

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Why Do Olympians Wear Hats?


The fierce battle of the Olympic Games is raging. When we are cheering for the Olympic athletes, we don’t know if we have noticed that there are many events in the Olympic Games that require athletes to wear hats. Let’s take a look at all kinds of Olympic hats. In Olympic events, most of the events that need to wear hats are outdoor events. In order to reduce the interference of the...

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Hot Discussion About Not Wearing A Hat


On July 30, Beijing Time, Rory Mcilroy, A Member Of The Irish Men’s Golf Team, Sparked A Heated Debate About Not Wearing A Hat At The Tokyo Olympic Games. There is a reason for this, but it has nothing to do with sponsorship conflicts or attempts to eliminate sunburn marks. He doesn’t wear a hat simply because it’s not the right size. “my head is too small.” McIlro...

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